Make Your Business Something You Truly Enjoy

Making your business about something you truly enjoy will increase the odds of success, as well as your happiness over time. When you get to do something, you love every day, what could be better? Making money out of it, well, that is the goal.

Doing something you love will increase your motivation

This goes for business, as well as career options in general. Well, this goes into pretty much anything. When you do something, you enjoy, you don’t mind spending time doing that. When you don’t mind spending time doing that, you will do things better.

Even the more unpleasant things feel better when they are related to something you like. When your work is about something you enjoy, you are more likely to continue, even if things don’t go as planned.

Positive feelings will increase your odds of success

When you are really motivated about what you do, and have a positive mindset, you have much higher chances of succeeding than someone who doesn’t. You will learn the things necessary to continue and finish your work.

When you do something, you enjoy, you generally feel better. Let’s say you enjoy making pizzas, if you get to do pizzas every day, they will improve every time. On the other hand, if you hate pizzas and you hate your job, your motivation to improve is much worse.

Even if a career in other industry is way more lucrative, choosing something you enjoy will be overall better I would say. Imagine waking up every morning and not feeling pissed about having to go to work.

This all is possible if you choose the right career or business for yourself. There is correlation between positive motivation and succeeding with your business. Also, there is a correlation between negative motivation and a failing business. Choose wisely.

Starting or buying a business is a long journey

If you start a business, if things go well, you might end up working with that for the rest of your life. When starting, think well, if that is something you would like to do for the rest of your life. If you answered yes, the chances of you succeeding are better.

Sometimes even the “starting phase” can take as long as a decade. After that, the processes and systems have evolved enough, so that they don’t need to be constantly improved. Sometimes, they always need improvement.

The amount of time the starting phase as well as how long until you can make a living from the business can vary a lot. Some businesses offer profits instantly, where others can take decade(s) before seeing any financial success.

Is your life situation suitable for a business?

One more thing to consider, is that does your life situation allow starting a business. Starting a business can mean long days and a lot of stress. If your life situation can handle this, you probably are good to go.

If you are starting a business purely because you need more money, this can work as well. However, keep in mind that it still is more likely that you will succeed if you get to do something you enjoy.

In the best scenario, you can combine money with something you enjoy. This is what starting a business should be all about. Well, on top of that, you get to be your own boss. Nobody will tell you what to do. This can be a strong motivator for some as well.

Your customers will notice your attitude towards the business

If you truly enjoy your job, your customers will notice. They see that you have the passion and knowledge towards the profession. Therefore, they will trust you more and are more likely to come back.

On the other hand, if you hate your job and have no interest for it, your customers will notice that too. You won’t achieve the level of knowledge you would, if you truly enjoyed the work you do.

Turn your hobby into a business

One option to start a business you truly are passionate about and enjoy, is to start a business based on your hobby. Hobbies usually are done because you enjoy them, and if you can make a business based on that, it could make you enjoy your work as well.

When you start a business based on your hobby, you probably already have a lot of knowledge about the industry in general. Know the different tricks that not every beginner is aware of, and this way can help your customers even better.

You will know what equipment is necessary, what brands are good, and overall, the things you need to know. Your customers will notice your knowledge, and this helps you build trust towards them. When your customers trust you, this will increase customer loyalty and they are more likely to return.

Final words

We spend a big portion of our life working. That’s why it is important to do something you enjoy. If you spend that much of your life doing something you hate, that will have a negative impact on your life.

You can achieve much greater knowledge about the industry, a true mastery, when you enjoy what you do. You will inspire your employees when you believe in what you are doing as well. Your customers will notice your passion towards the industry.

There are so many benefits to doing something you like, that should not be ignored. Sadly, very often people are “trapped” in workplaces they don’t enjoy and feel forced to continue. But in the end, it is in your hands to act and decide to do what you love.

A book recommendation that is related to this topic is Mastery by Robert Greene.

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Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.