How To Create Perfect Ad For Your Product Or Service (4 steps)

Here are some things to consider when you want to create the perfect ad for your product or service. Of course, it depends on the product or service, what kind of an ad is best for that individual product. Some of these could be more important in one business than others.

Another thing to consider is the form of the ad. Is it a video, picture, or just sound? No matter what form of ad you choose, consider these things before finalizing the project. Let’s dive right into it.

What kind of emotions you want to tell through your ad?

Ads are supposed to be catchy and bring up emotions. If you want to sell a family holiday, think about what emotions that might bring up in people. Plan your ad based on the emotions you want it to raise in your audience. Some examples below

Selling a family holiday, you might want to bring up the emotions of joy and being together.

Charity ads often want you to feel bad for the people they are collecting money for, and that way try to get you to donate.

Selling health products would be good to bring up emotions about healthy life and living long enough to see the future.

Every situation is unique. Every company is unique. Craft your ad to match your product or service and company perfectly. You want it to be linked to you. Even if your ad about family holidays was great, if it cannot be linked to your company, you might just do a favor to your competitors since you drive the customers to buy holidays overall.

Does the ad visually match your brand or product you are selling?

If your ad is in video or picture form, you want it to match your brand colors. Logos and other things that link to your company work as well. The ad should visually be a representation of your company with the product or service in it.

When the ad is in video form, watch it without sounds and think, is there room for improvement? Does the video alone represent what you want it to tell your audience?

Do the same with sounds in the video. The sounds should support the video in a good way. The sounds can also represent the company, as long as the customers will connect the ad to your company, not your competitors, and the line of business overall.

Are the sounds aligned with the message you want to tell?

I went through this a little bit in the previous chapter as well, but let’s talk more about radio and purely on audio form ads.

Sometimes, the audio is all the audience gets. That might be because the ad came from radio or they could only hear the ad from TV, not see it. It could also be playing from Spotify or YouTube video when they are listening to music.

Bringing up emotions through a purely audio-based ad can be more difficult than video, but it can be done. Listen to the ad with your eyes closed and don’t get distracted. Focus purely on what you are hearing and think what kind of emotions does it bring up in you?

Be creative and don’t get blinded by your own work. If you work on your ad for a long time, you get used to it. Ask for others’ opinions, on what emotions the ad brings up in them.

How to follow up the ad, how can the customer continue from here?

What ever your product or service is about, you want it to be easily accessible to the audience. Make it VERY CLEAR for the audience where they can buy or get more information about the product. That could be your website address for example.

If the ad is in video or picture form, make sure the website address is clearly visible to the audience.

If your ad is in audio form, say the address or how to continue from there clearly. Slow enough that they can easily remember and follow it up.

This is one reason you should have a good domain for your business. It should represent your company and be easily remembered if you market through ads.

Too often I have heard or seen interesting ads, but then I miss a part of the web address, and just like that, they might have lost another customer. Make it very easy for the customer to follow up on your ad. Don’t let potential customers go to waste because you wanted to save a couple of seconds on a minute-long ad.

Final words

Ads are just one form of marketing. If you do ads, do them the right way at once. The ads might be the best way to market your product or service, but if you do the job poorly, it might give you false information about the effectiveness of it.

Another thing you can do is to think about some great ads you have seen in the past. Something that worked like a charm, brought up emotions and in a best scenario, made you buy the product. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just change it to match your product.

Consider these things before you put your ad out. Don’t get blinded by your own work. Test it beforehand. Another thing is to make it for your targeted audience, not for yourself. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they want. Go customer first, not product first.

After you have your ad all set up, I have a post about how to increase customer loyalty; you can read it here.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.