What Can You Sell to Make Money? (2022)

There are ways you can sell your work, time, and items like there has never been before. But what to sell to make money? That’s the question we are going to focus on in this post.

It all depends on where you live, your skills, and what kind of equipment you have. One option is to sell your old items, but that is not really a sustainable business model. However, it might help if you are in need of making money fast by selling something. Let’s take a look at other things you can sell to make money.

1. Sell your time

Most common thing people sell is their time. They trade their time for money while working for someone else. This is a recurring, pretty safe way to earn some money. However, it comes with cons.

You only have so much time each day, so it is pretty hard to scale this up to make really big amounts of money. You could try to climb the corporate ladder and that way earn more, but you still only have 24 hours per day.

I am not really a big fan of this, since your income will be tied to your time. There are ways you can earn money that do not include selling you time directly. The more efficient you are, the more you will be paid.

2. Sell your expertise

You might be an expert in a certain field. This may allow you to sell your expertise, not tied to your time, to people in need of your skills. You can either sell your service locally or sell it online.

Selling it locally could be starting a business and advertising it locally. This may be a good idea if your expertise is doing something physical, like repairing air conditioners. If you are really good and fast at this, you can earn a lot more than just selling you time at an hourly rate.

The second option is to sell your expertise online. That might be on your own website or websites like Fiverr or Upwork. This is good if your service doesn’t have to be done physically.

If you are really good at coding or designing logos, that might be the thing to sell. You might even sell tutoring for a language you can speak and others want to learn. Opportunities are limitless on what you can sell at online marketplaces.

3. Sell your work

This might sound like the previous two, but it is different. By this, I mean selling something you have made. You might be an artist and make cool clay statues that people are willing to pay. They do have to be really good though.

You might be good at making a certain product out of something else. Making things by your hands and selling them either locally or at online marketplaces can earn you some side income as well. Use your imagination and find something you are good at that people are willing to pay for.

4. Make digital product

Next thing on the list is making digital product. This is my personal favorite, since you only have to create the product once and you can sell multiple copies of it. The product might be a song that you upload to Spotify, for example. Another thing might be a YouTube channel.

Other digital products you could sell are stock photos if you are a good photographer. People are really paying for good photos, since not everybody has the time, equipment, and skillset to take their own pictures for their websites, for example.

Next digital product idea I have for you is to create an online course. This requires you to have a skill that people want to learn. You should also have some knowledge on how to teach and explain the topic easily enough, so anybody can learn it. Once you have your course made up, you can sell an infinite number of copies of it, without any extra work.

What to sell to make money fast?

If you are in need of making money fast, the best option might be to sell your old items. Something that is valuable enough to be paid for and you don’t need it anymore. That might be an old bicycle, gardening equipment, whatever that has value and is just lying around.

It all depends on how fast you want to make the money. Some of the things on my list take time to prepare, even selling your time. You most often can’t just walk into a workplace and inform them that you started to work there.

Final words

Depending on your deadlines, think about what the best option for you is. The things I mentioned you can sell are pretty broad, so use your imagination and think, which path you will choose.

That might be anything from making a YouTube video and earning by ads that way to making your own jewelry in your basement. Earning with YouTube or Spotify will take time and a lot of effort, as will learning to make jewelry.

There is really no shortcut to making money. Either you will have to give up your old items or provide actual value for your to-be customers, people who will buy your product or service.

It is possible for everybody to make money. I have a post about 3 ways anyone can make a million dollars. You can read it here.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.